About Me

I was born and raised on Long Island, NY. For my undergraduate degree, I attended Cornell University, where I earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering. During my studies there I was hired for an internship after my junior year. It was at this internship that I was first exposed to Industrial Design. I knew immediately that this was something I wanted to pursue. Less than a year after graduating I applied to AAU so that I could receive an advanced education in Industrial Design. My goal is to utilize beauty, creativity, and problem solving for a living.


I’m a meticulous and detail-oriented product designer and engineer. My background in mechanical engineering gives me a better understanding of the inner workings of the products I design and allows me to design for manufacture from the beginning. My SolidWorks skills allow me to evaluate designs quickly and effectively in 3 dimensions. I have experience working at small, intense product-design firms, both as a mechanical engineer and as an industrial designer. This experience taught me the utter importance of time, clear and regular communication, organization, and attention to detail—values that I would bring to any company I work for, big or small.

Mission Statement
To use my accumulated skills and knowledge fully in the design, engineering, and manufacture of robotics through rigor, intensity, and a meticulous attention to detail, while always pursuing creativity and innovation. To gather relevant experience while earning a healthy salary as I become a leader and innovator in the consumer robotics industry. Whenever possible, I will pursue the most socially responsible and sustainable design solutions.

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