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Cornell Formula SAE Project Team

With a unparalleled 9 World Champion titles at the annual Formula SAE Design Competition in Michigan, Cornell Racing had become synonymous with excellence by my freshman year.

Founded in 1986, Cornell Racing is Cornell University's Formula SAE, or FSAE, team and one of the forerunners of today's competition. Comprised of ~50 undergraduate and graduate students, the team works throughout the year to design and manufacture Cornell Racing’s premier race car. Thousands of hours of dedication and effort go in to Cornell University’s entry to the FSAE competition. In the process of building and marketing the race car, students receive an education which no engineering, automotive, or business course could replicate. FSAE is a worldwide competition in which university students from hundreds of schools worldwide work in teams to design, build, and compete with a small, formula-style race car. This endeavor requires the world’s brightest collegiate engineers to collaborate and construct an innovative, cutting-edge car that pushes the limits of racing technology further every year. For a summary of my experience with the team, see My Resume.

My first project for the team was to engineer the throttle. You can see more about this project here: Throttle Project

During my junior year I began assuming leadership responsibilities and so took on a smaller project, specifically the sourcing and testing of that year's turbocharger. Besides leading a couple subteams and helping to test and tune that year's engine package, I was the driving force behind the reconstruction of a previous year's race car as a driver training car. Every student tasked with a part must write a thorough and detailed report at the end of each semester with the purpose of passing on all that they've learned to future generations. This cataloging and passing-on of information was a vital part of our team's success and kept whoever was tasked with your part the following year from having to start from scratch.

My senior year I rose to the position of Engine Team Leader, a full-time leadership position, so-to-speak. As a result, I don't have much to show on my portfolio. Not to mention, at the time, I barely knew or cared what a portfolio even was!

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