"Inside-out" Drawing Project

For this project the class was tasked with coming up with a novel "inside-out" product, that is, one in which the internals are put on display. More than just making an existing product clear, the design should embrace its inner workings and bring them ot the forefront.

After some thought, I decided to design a percolating coffee maker. I did some research on their inner workings to ensure the feasibility of my design, I began sketching.

I created some ideation sketches by hand, before switching to my tablet. I cleaned up the chosen design using SkethBook Pro and SketchBook Designer. After some touchup work in Photoshop and placement in the kitchen environment, I moved into Illustrator for the graphics and poster layout.

Role in project
Hand Sketching
Digital Sketching
Digital Rendering
Project Tools
SketchBook Designer
SketchBook Pro