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Throttle Project

During my sophomore year, I was charged with designing the neck-down, throttle, and restrictor for that year's FSAE race car. These parts had remained basically unchanged for a few years. The "neck-down" merely tapered from the MAF sensor to the throttle body, and the restrictor--required by the rules--limited the power of all FSAE race cars. I found a solution that combined all three of the components into one (hence my name for it, the "Neckottlictor"!). Not only did this shorten the intake, allowing it to fit within the frame of the car, it also smoothed the flow of air and reduced resistance, the desired result of which was an increase in power!

After calculating the optimal tapers, which were limited by the required length of part, I created a complete CAD model using SolidWorks. I tested the throttle blade for strength and deflection using COSMOSWorks. Once complete, I generated manufacturing drawings from the model.

From these drawings I machined every component of this totally redesigned part. I then tested it for verification on both our flow bench (which I had returned to an operational state) to demonstrate improved flow, and on our engine dynamometer to demonstrate improved power. All of this information, as well as research findings, vendor and sponsor information, and every step of my design process, were included in the thorough and detailed report I generated at the end of each semester.

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