My Skill Set

Below are the skills I've aquired during my time at Cornell University and the Academy of Art, as well as on the job at OXO, Cooper Perkins, Peter Stathis & Virtual Studio and freelancing. See the details of my Work Experience here.

Computer-Aided Design

Skills Basic Good Advanced
SolidWorks Check-mark
FEA Check-mark
PhotoView Check-mark
Keyshot Check-mark
Rhino Check-mark
2D AutoCAD Check-mark

Creative & Productivity Software

Skills Basic Good Advanced
Sketching Check-mark
Illustrator Check-mark
Photoshop Check-mark
InDesign Check-mark
Dreamweaver Check-mark
Word Check-mark
Excel Check-mark
Powerpoint Check-mark
Agile Check-mark


Skills Basic Good Advanced
3D Printing Check-mark
Model Making Check-mark
Circuitry Check-mark
Arduino Check-mark
Mill/Lathe Check-mark
3-axis CNC Mill Check-mark
MIG/TIG Welding Check-mark

Download my resume here: